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The ALTAB digital agency is here to support you in your digitalization process by bringing together all the necessary stakeholders within the same organization.

We offer creation services for:

Websites · E-commerce · Design · Market analysis · SEO analysis and campaign · Mobile applications · Customized administration systems · Customized CRM · Customized ERP · Customized SaaS platforms · Connected objects · Hosting.

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A tailored space for our clients

We are constantly looking for new ways to optimize our processes!

To do this, we have designed an internal management tool that offers you total control over your project. With this tool, you can follow development progress, access all your relevant links and tools, view your code at any time, communicate directly with our team, and view your invoices, contract, quotes and the status of your servers.

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Work methodology


  • Customized client platform access: A client space, offering customers a real-time overview of their project.

  • Briefing: We start with an in-depth briefing session to understand your needs and objectives.

  • Project Study: Detailed analysis of your project to identify the best opportunities and challenges.

  • SEO Strategic Plan: Development of a tailored SEO strategy to optimize your online visibility.


  • Analysis (UI/UX): Evaluation of the user interface and user experience to ensure intuitive navigation.

  • Visual Identity Creation: Designing a visual identity that matches your brand's image.

  • Prototype (Figma): Creation of interactive prototypes to visualize the final product before development.


  • Front-End Integration: Based on the provided prototype, for an attractive and functional user interface.

  • Back-End Integration: Setting up the database and APIs necessary for the site's operation.

  • Creation of a Custom Dashboard: Including custom metrics and a CMS tailored to your needs.

  • Design Based on Micro-Service Methodology: Ensures independent functionality and smooth integration via API.


  • Implementation of CI/CD: On beta and production servers for automated deployment and error checking.

  • Unified Communication Channel: Between developers and clients, with a notification system and ticket tracking.


  • SEO / SEA / SEM: Implementation of strategies to improve your online positioning.

  • Social Media: Strategies for social media presence to increase visibility.

  • Email Marketing: Using email campaigns to reach and engage your target audience.


  • Analytics: Providing analytical data to measure performance.

  • Consulting: Offering ongoing advice to improve your online presence.

  • Training: Training sessions to help you effectively manage your website and marketing tools.

Our contribution to the development of open-source solutions

Aware of the talent in the open-source community, we shared our technologies by adopting principles of collaboration, innovation, transparency, and security. By using generic reusable code, we have extended our development capabilities beyond our team. In this process, we created our open-source development framework, “AntelopeJS”, and our open-source CMS, “Antelope CMS”.

AntelopeJS, coded in JavaScript and TypeScript, takes advantage of one of the largest developer communities in the world. This particularity gives it privileged access to NPM, one of the largest and most diverse code repositories, thus enriching the resources and development possibilities offered by AntelopeJS. Designed to improve not only our productivity and creativity, but yours as well, Antelope offers many benefits. It allows us to meet all challenges with perfect mastery of an environment specially designed by and for developers.


Quality customers

E-commerce : Germaine Collard

E-commerce : Germaine Collard

Online sales site specializing in branded shoes and clothing, with 10 stores in Belgium, integrated into the Midelco ERP for real-time inventory management and automatic synchronization of sales, offering home delivery or in-store collection and accepting various payment methods such as Bancontact, MasterCard, Visa.

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Web platform : Verdin & Associés

Web platform : Verdin & Associés

Verdin & Associés asked Altab to develop a web platform aimed at improving the customer experience and administrative efficiency. This platform centralizes accounting services and facilitates management and client-professional communication, thus optimizing administrative processes.

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SaaS platform : SAAVER

SaaS platform : SAAVER

Saaver is a SaaS platform for sneaker stores, offering all-in-one inventory management via an intuitive management dashboard. It allows store managers to manage inventory, add sneakers, and track sales, while making daily management simpler and saving time.

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