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Customized online sales website

Founded in Liège, in the heart of Belgium, the Germaine Collard company quickly established itself as an essential reference in the field of footwear. Since its beginnings, it has symbolized the perfect alliance between quality, elegance and comfort. Over the years, Germaine Collard has evolved while remaining faithful to its fundamental values, gaining the trust of an ever-widening clientele. Through its varied collections, it continues to inspire and innovate, asserting its leading position in the Belgian footwear market.

Key Points

  • E-commerce
  • Multilingual
  • Online payment
  • Pick up in store
  • Home delivery
  • Link with an existing ERP
  • Catalog of more than 25,000 items
  • Management of withdrawals from more than 10 simultaneous stores
  • Wide range of payment methods
  • Custom administrator dashboard

The Project

The company Germaine Collard approached us to create a multilingual e-commerce site, specializing in the sale of branded shoes and clothing. This project includes the development of a site linked to the Midelco ERP, ensuring real-time inventory management and automatic sales synchronization. With a catalog of more than 25,000 items, the site will facilitate the management of collections in more than 10 stores simultaneously, while offering options for home delivery or in-store collection.

The site will integrate a wide range of payment methods, including Bancontact, MasterCard and Visa, and will have a personalized administrator dashboard. Our goal is to revitalize Germaine Collard's online image, showcasing their products through attractive and well-organized categories, while retaining the essence of the brand.


Autonomous management of highlights

We are committed to offering independence to our clients, so we give them full control over their content.

Custom dashboard

We always configure our clients' backend with only the tools useful for their development, this simplifies the client management process while guaranteeing flawless efficiency!

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