{ Custom Hosting

To provide you with a complete service, we take care of the hosting of the projects we carry out for you. We believe it is essential to continuously monitor user load and server security, to ensure the stability and security of your application at all times.


We have opted for decentralization of our production, beta-testing, and backup servers in different countries and with various hosts, to ensure maximum security of your data.


We remain constantly vigilant about the latest server security vulnerabilities and strive to fix them as quickly as possible to ensure a reliable and secure environment.

Robust Backup

We have a backup configuration for our servers that consists of permanent data duplication on two hard drives (RAID1). Additionally, we perform a full backup of the machine each day on a decentralized server (RAID5), which reduces the risks of potential loss.


In case of a sudden increase in traffic on your application, we have the capability to instantly adjust power or configure multiple servers in a cluster, without modifying the code (stateless).