of connected objects


Are you looking to revolutionize your industry with connected objects? Are you looking for a reliable and competent partner to develop your IoT projects? Look no further, Altab is here to help you!

At Altab, we are experts in the design and development of cutting-edge connected objects. Whether for environmental monitoring, energy management or logistics, we are here to support you at every stage of your project.

We use the most advanced technologies on the market to create high-performance and innovative connected objects, in accordance with the strictest security standards. We also make it a point of honor to offer a quality user experience, ensuring real-time responsiveness for smooth and intuitive use.

Choosing Altab for your development of connected objects means choosing a reliable, competent partner who listens to your needs. Contact us now to discuss your project!

Work methodology


  • Customized client platform access: A client space, offering customers a real-time overview of their project.

  • Briefing: We start with an in-depth briefing session to understand your needs and objectives.

  • Project Study: Detailed analysis of your project to identify the best opportunities and challenges.

  • SEO Strategic Plan: Development of a tailored SEO strategy to optimize your online visibility.


  • Analysis (UI/UX): Evaluation of the user interface and user experience to ensure intuitive navigation.

  • Visual Identity Creation: Designing a visual identity that matches your brand's image.

  • Prototype (Figma): Creation of interactive prototypes to visualize the final product before development.


  • Front-End Integration: Based on the provided prototype, for an attractive and functional user interface.

  • Back-End Integration: Setting up the database and APIs necessary for the site's operation.

  • Creation of a Custom Dashboard: Including custom metrics and a CMS tailored to your needs.

  • Design Based on Micro-Service Methodology: Ensures independent functionality and smooth integration via API.


  • Implementation of CI/CD: On beta and production servers for automated deployment and error checking.

  • Unified Communication Channel: Between developers and clients, with a notification system and ticket tracking.


  • SEO / SEA / SEM: Implementation of strategies to improve your online positioning.

  • Social Media: Strategies for social media presence to increase visibility.

  • Email Marketing: Using email campaigns to reach and engage your target audience.


  • Analytics: Providing analytical data to measure performance.

  • Consulting: Offering ongoing advice to improve your online presence.

  • Training: Training sessions to help you effectively manage your website and marketing tools.