Web platform : Verdin & Associés

Internalized tool platform

Verdin & Associés is a company specializing in accounting, tax and financial management, active for three generations. It supports self-employed people and their businesses at all stages of their development, from creation to transmission. The company focuses on providing strategic advice and information, covering areas such as accounting, taxation, and financial planning. Its key values are competence, friendliness, and efficiency, reflecting its commitment to continuous improvement of services, customer experience, and the well-being of its employees.

Key Points

  • Tailor-made web platform
  • illustration of tools in a visual way
  • Improved customer experience
  • Automated communication of deadlines
  • Easy access to accounting services
  • Centralization of tools in one place
  • Complete administrative space
  • Gestion des utilisateurs et des entreprises
  • Improved management of subscriptions and software
  • Financial simulators
  • Innovative solution for accounting and administrative management

The Project

Verdin & Associés asked Altab to develop a tailor-made web platform, aimed at improving both the customer experience and administrative efficiency. This innovative initiative allows Verdin & Associés clients to easily access their accounting services and benefit from personalized advice, while centralizing all the necessary tools in one place.

For Verdin & Associés, the platform offers a complete administrative space, including a dashboard for effective client management, user and business management features, as well as a section dedicated to questions and suggestions. It also facilitates coordination with brokers and optimizes subscription and software management.

Beyond daily management functionalities, the platform allows customers to optimize their current situation thanks to a range of structuring tools, various questionnaires, explanatory sheets, and simulators. It also offers an interface facilitating connection between clients, appropriate structures and professionals, thus improving interactions and communication.


Cartoon Graphic Charter

We had to integrate ourselves into a “Cartoon” graphic charter while guaranteeing ease of use and use of current advanced technologies.

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