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IOT management for connected swimming pools

Wifipool, an integral part of Beniferro, revolutionizes swimming pool maintenance with innovative and wireless solutions. Built on the expertise of Rudy Peemans, we focus on the quality, durability and ease of use of our products, designed to simplify the lives of pool owners. Our flagship product, the Wifipool application, allows you to manage your swimming pool remotely, making its maintenance as simple as a click. At Beniferro, we aim to modernize the swimming pool industry with eco-responsible, affordable, and easy-to-install solutions. Join us in this revolution for simplified and efficient swimming pool management.

Key Points

  • Custom development of an application for swimming pool management
  • Collection of sensor data (pH, chlorine, etc.)
  • Remote control of equipment via the application
  • Instant alerts to report irregularities
  • IoT compatibility with a wide range of sensors
  • Modularity of the application, for easy extension
  • Charts to visualize data on mobile
  • Security features in case of loss of wifi
  • Easy installation thanks to smart plugs
  • Intuitive interface for easy management

The Project

Wifipool used our services to develop a tailor-made mobile application, a project initiated by Beniferro BV in its quest for innovation in the automation of swimming pool management. Our mission was to design an application capable of collecting data from various sensors and instruments dedicated to swimming pool maintenance, such as pH and chlorine probes, or the electrolyzer. The objective? Allow users to control this equipment remotely, while providing them with real-time alerts on possible irregularities. This gives them the opportunity to intervene effectively, no matter where they are.

At the heart of this innovation, the IoT link plays a key role. We have integrated the main IoT communication protocols to ensure broad compatibility with a wide range of sensors, from different brands. This allows Wifipool to work seamlessly with all existing pool equipment, making the user experience both seamless and integrated.

The Wifipool mobile app stands out for its ability to connect your pool's critical data, such as pH, to smart outlets. This allows control of equipment, such as dosing pumps, directly from your smartphone. Whether to start or stop the filtration pump automatically, monitor the power consumption of equipment, or measure water quality, Wifipool transforms swimming pool management into a wireless experience, accessible from anywhere.

Wifipool uses cloud technology to connect smart plugs, WiFi measurement sensors and the application itself within a unified communications network. This approach allows real-time visualization and automatic regulation of water conditions, based on predefined thresholds. So, if the pH exceeds a certain level, the application automatically activates the device necessary to restore the chemical balance of the water.

What makes Wifipool unique is its flexibility and modularity. Users can start with a basic configuration and gradually expand functionality as needed, making it adaptable to a wide variety of pools. In addition, the use of smart plugs for controlling equipment offers an advantageous alternative to traditional systems, in terms of ease of installation and cost.

In summary, Wifipool revolutionizes swimming pool management with an intuitive mobile application, offering control, security and efficiency. It is a complete solution for a connected swimming pool, designed to meet the needs of modern users wishing to simplify the maintenance of their swimming pool while ensuring optimal water quality.


Complete IOT management

We support major IOT communication protocols, making the application compatible with a wide range of sensors from various sources.

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