Website creation

MédiaSonges is a Brussels non-profit organization founded on March 31, 2022, which wishes to promote and defend Culture in a broad acceptance, including Nature, the Arts, History, Freedom of expression and the fight against all forms of discrimination. It aims more broadly at the defense, through the Arts, of Human Rights. With particular attention, when the subject lends itself to it, to the condition and status of women, multiculturality and social integration. They support young artists and organize cultural events, seminars, thematic exhibitions and activities to promote multidisciplinary culture.

Key Points

  • Responsive design
  • Media management
  • Press blog

The Project

Médiasonge asked us to develop a website aimed at promoting their activities and initiatives. Operating in the audiovisual sector, the site must be able to support different media formats. In terms of design, it is important that it embodies the association's values of openness while maintaining a refined aesthetic to enhance the content.


responsive website

Like all our creations, this website is designed to be compatible with the majority of display devices.

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