Mobile app : Le Chicaneur

Tailor-made mobile app and dashboard

Enter the bewitched universe of “The Quibbler”, a mobile application inspired by the fabulous world of Harry Potter. Prepare to embark on an epic quest in search of the horcruxes scattered throughout our real world. Every street corner could hide a clue, each solved puzzle brings you closer to victory. Thanks to immersive animations and tests worthy of the greatest wizards, magic comes to life around you. Don your cloak, grab your wand, and prepare to be amazed at every turn. With “The Quibbler”, the magical adventure is waiting for you!

Key Points

  • Mobile application for in-person events
  • Treasure hunts in the Harry Potter universe
  • Simplified team registration and training
  • Riddles inspired by Harry Potter
  • Validation via QR codes
  • Real-time geolocation
  • Advanced anti-cheat system
  • Intuitive administrative dashboard
  • Real-time player progress tracking
  • Interface with magic theme
  • Real-time leaderboards
  • Instant app-backend sync
  • Automated event creation
  • Aim for the biggest Harry Potter treasure hunt in Belgium
  • Managing participant profiles
  • Game based on puzzle solving and exploration
  • Customization of puzzles and courses
  • Game promoting interaction and cooperation
  • Travel tracking technology
  • Complete tools for organizers

The Project

The Quibbler asked us to develop an innovative mobile application, intended to enrich their in-person events with a touch of magic worthy of the Harry Potter universe. By embracing this ambitious project, our mission is to design a platform that not only registers participants and forms teams for treasure hunts, but also immerses them in an interactive and immersive adventure. Imagine each team, equipped with its application, traveling through emblematic places to solve captivating puzzles, each success marked by the reading of carefully scattered QR codes, a fun and modern way to validate their progress.

The magic of the experience is enhanced by a series of carefully integrated features, reflecting our commitment to delivering a seamless and engaging adventure. Real-time geolocation allows participants to precisely locate themselves throughout their quest, adding a strategic dimension to the game. This technology also serves as the backdrop to a sophisticated anti-cheat system, ensuring fair and engaging competition for all. Meanwhile, organizers benefit from an intuitive administrator dashboard, giving them the freedom to design tailor-made puzzles and monitor player progress in real time, ensuring the smooth running of each event.

One of the most exciting aspects of this application lies in its interface, imbued with the atmosphere and the bewitching theme, promising total immersion. Live leaderboards add a touch of friendly competition, motivating teams to excel. The real-time link between the application and the backend ensures instant updating of information, enabling a seamless user experience. In addition, the QR code reading function makes it easy to verify the steps taken, simplifying logistics and enriching the gaming experience.

This ambitious project aims to transcend expectations, delivering not only the largest Harry Potter treasure hunt ever, but also paving the way for the creation of new automated events. By skillfully blending technology and magic, we are poised to create an unforgettable experience that will delight fans and adventurers alike, making each event a unique and magical moment in the Harry Potter universe.


Custom theme

We have skillfully merged the Quibbler's brand identity with the world of Harry Potter, peppering the app with nods to this enchanting universe and developing a set of bespoke icons evoking the world of magic.

Customized backend

We designed an ergonomic backend interface, giving organizers the ability to manage their content before and during the event while monitoring team progress in real time. And of course, we didn't neglect the organizers! Their administration area has also been given a thematic touch!

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