Carine DOUTRELEPONT photography

Creation of the website

For Carine Doutrelepont, photography is much more than an art; it is a journey to the heart of the earth, where volcanoes roar. Passionate about these erupting giants, she was able to capture their raw power and mysterious beauty through her lens. His photos, intense and lively, take us closer to these natural phenomena, offering a rarely seen and deeply moving perspective. Having exhibited her works in various galleries, she has been able to transmit her passion and fascinate spectators with the fiery wonders of our planet.

Key Points

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The Project

Carine Doutrelepont asked us to create a website highlighting her unique talent for photography. Designed to be perfectly adapted to both computer and mobile, the site is an invitation to travel, thanks to captivating images and fluid animations that evoke a feeling of serenity and discovery. His sharp artistic vision is found at the heart of this platform.


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Like all our creations, this website is designed to be compatible with the majority of display devices.

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