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Airsmart stands out in the world of domestic well-being by committing to improving the air quality in every home. Leader in the development and production of cutting-edge ventilation solutions, we combine technological innovation, ease of use and economic accessibility. Our mission ? Working for the environment and the comfort of our customers through energy-efficient and easy-to-install solutions.

Our core values - integrity, customer focus and excellence - are the foundation of our company. The Airsmart team, with a family spirit and led by Gunter Frencken and Manu Nys, our co-founders, combines decades of expertise in the HVAC sector with a dynamic of youth and innovation. Thanks to this synergy, Airsmart ensures not only the supply of high-end products but also unparalleled customer service.

Key Points

  • Tailor-made mobile application for ventilation systems
  • Bi-profile: users and installers
  • Wi-Fi connection for system pairing
  • Remote ventilation management
  • Immediate technical alerts
  • Easy weekly programming
  • Visualization of sensor data
  • Special interface for installers
  • IoT integration for precise tracking
  • Simplified installation and maintenance
  • Personalization for each client
  • Real-time air quality monitoring
  • Intuitive user interface

The Project

Airsmart used our services to develop a mobile application associated with their ventilation systems. The aim of the application is to provide Airsmart customers with the means to control and program their ventilation system. Additionally, the app includes a dedicated “Installer” profile, designed so Airsmart-accredited professionals can easily install and verify systems on construction sites.

Our Approach

Airsmart used our services to develop a tailor-made mobile application, marking a key step in the evolution of their ventilation systems. As a leading manufacturer and supplier in the field of ventilation systems, Airsmart is distinguished by its commitment to offering personalized and innovative solutions. The company is recognized for its highly qualified and efficient team, capable of providing impeccable customer service. Thanks to an optimized organization, characterized by a controlled supply and production chain, Airsmart ensures exceptional flexibility in the management of its projects, while maintaining competitive prices. This approach makes Airsmart a preferred partner for reliable and cutting-edge ventilation solutions.

The Airsmart mobile app project is designed to transform how customers interact with their ventilation systems. With features such as dual-profile for users and installers, Wi-Fi pairing, remote management, technical alerts, weekly scheduling and sensor data display, this application aims to provide a user experience unprecedented. Airsmart customers will thus be able to easily control and program their ventilation system, optimizing their comfort and the energy efficiency of their home.

One of the most innovative aspects of this application is its IoT integration, allowing seamless synchronization with the ventilation system via Wi-Fi. This key feature ensures accurate collection of sensor information, giving users the ability to monitor and to remotely regulate their ventilation system, for a healthier and more comfortable home.

Additionally, the app has an interface designed specifically for installers. This interface enriched with advanced features considerably simplifies the installation and configuration of ventilation systems for Airsmart certified technicians. By facilitating these procedures, Airsmart continues to support its partners and guarantee excellence in the installation of its systems, thus strengthening its reputation as an innovator in the ventilation sector.

This partnership with Airsmart for the development of this bespoke mobile application illustrates our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers. Together we are shaping the future of ventilation management, delivering smarter, more efficient and more intuitive solutions for everyone.


Application IOT

The app synchronizes with the ventilation system over the Wi-Fi network, collecting information from sensors to give users the ability to remotely monitor and regulate their ventilation system.

Profil Installateur

The application is equipped with an “Installer” interface enriched with advanced features, simplifying the initialization and configuration of the ventilation system for Airsmart certified technicians.

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